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Workstation Intel Core i9 Centurion

Configuratore PC

The Centurion: Your perfect tool

Here you are offered a high-tech workstation, which offers tremendous performance on all levels. Extremely high-performance components make this system ideally suited for designers, engineers, artists, photographers, video editors, audio editors, streamers, and all those who use specialized and hardware-hungry software on a day-to-day basis. A great graphics card paired with one of the most powerful processors and tons of DDR5 memory will give you maximum performance in any situation. We've really cut no corners and put together a system that's ideal for high-end CAD, computer-aided development across the board, as well as demanding media and entertainment applications. A workstation without compromise!

Superior Quality

A timelessly modern designed premium case with terrific build quality, a tinted tempered glass side window and RGB lighting, equipped with silent case fans provides an appropriate home for the high-end components. Thanks to one of the best water cooling systems on the market, your workstation will not only run whisper-quiet, but the processor will also be cooled extremely efficiently. So you can concentrate undisturbed on the essentials: Your creative work!

You want even more?

If you are missing something in this setup, you can simply fall back on our PC configurator. With it, you can easily create your very own system according to your special wishes. The live compatibility check of the configurator ensures the selection of components that match the preselected components and are of course currently available from us. If you have any further questions about your new workstation, you can always contact our competent in-house support team, which will help you with words and deeds.

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