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PC Intel i3 Officer

Configuratore PC

The Officer: Your reliable companion!

The Officer from Megaport will always serve you well, whether in the office or at home! The solid processor, paired with fast RAM and a speedy SSD, provides you with enough power to run all common office applications super fast for years to come. The well-thought-out combination of components ensures high performance with low power consumption, making it ideal for everyday use. Built for durablity and efficiency - So you have for a long time an unshakable companion for little money at your side!

Windows is installed!

In this configuration, an original Windows license is included. We will of course install this directly onto your SSD so that your system boots up in seconds. So as soon as your new officer arrives, you can get started right away!

Configuring made easy!

If you'd like to have a different component in your new data center, we're of course happy to offer you the option with our PC configurator. Thanks to the live compatibility check you don't have to worry that something doesn't fit. If you have any questions, our competent in-house customer support will help you with full commitment! And even after the purchase of the Officer, you always have a contact person at your side!

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