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Set Completo da gaming Intel i7 Warrior

Configuratore PC

The Warrior: A true fighter!

Here concentrated gaming power meets first-class quality. The complete PC Intel i7 Warrior convinces with its outstanding hardware performance all along the line. In addition to a 24" monitor and a gaming keyboard-mouse set, you get a gaming PC with excellent performance. The solid hardware is perfect for exploring new digital adventures of all kinds. You also have more than enough fast memory for your games and other data. Thanks to the modern processor and powerful graphics card, gamer's dreams become reality! The blazingly fast processor allows you to hit the ground running even with demanding programs and games. Thus, running several applications at the same time is no problem at all for the Warrior. Thanks to the brute computing power of the Intel CPU and the super-strong graphics card from NVIDIA, you will easily bring your opponents to their knees!

Monitor and Gaming Accessories

To get you right into your favorite games, alongside the Warrior you'll get a 24-inch LED monitor and a Megaport gaming set consisting of a backlit RGB gaming keyboard and mouse. The screen ensures the display of crystal clear images, which you will of course have plenty of thanks to the potent graphics card! With the help of the RGB lighting, you will really get into the gaming mood and complement your gaming setup with exciting color variation of the extra class. With our keyboard and mouse combo, you'll be able to comfortably and reliably navigate through any adventures and dive deep into the virtual worlds that will be revealed to you from now on.

Customization made easy: The PC configurator

If our Warrior is not enough or you have special ideas about your dream PC, then fall back on our PC Configurator and simply put together your individual Dream Machine yourself. And if you're ever unsure: Our expert in-house support will of course be happy to help you with your questions.

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