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Set Completo da gaming AMD Ryzen 7 Combat

Configuratore PC

With the Combat right into the battle!

This gaming PC was designed for the smart gamer and offers an excellent price-performance ratio! Equipped with a super-strong processor from AMD and a current graphics card from NVIDIA with massive graphics memory, this PC is powerful enough to play the latest games smoothly in the highest graphics quality. In addition, a huge SSD is available to provide you with the fastest loading times and enough storage space for all your data. Destroy your opponents, not your wallet - With the Combat Gaming PC from Megaport!

Stylish Gaming Case!

A powerful configuration deserves a decent case. This fancy gaming case is as good to look at as it is functional. With its spacious interior, it offers enough room for upgrades and an advanced cooling system. Headphone, microphone and USB ports are positioned at the front: for quick connection of all your devices. A large tempered glass side window also provides a good view of your hardware and integrated RGB lighting. The color is of course adjustable, allowing you to create your desired gaming atmosphere- and impressively set the stage for your setup!

There is still something missing?

If you still want to have additional components installed, then you can customize everything according to your wishes through our PC configurator with live compatibility check! This way you can customize your companion without having to make any compromises! And if you still have questions about your new gaming PC from Megaport, you can always contact our competent support team, which will reliably assist you in Combat!

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