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PC Multimediale Intel i7 Swift

Configuratore PC

The multimedia PC: Swift

With the Swift you can dive deep into the fascinating world of digital entertainment and of course also experience great gaming! The multicore CPU from Intel provides your system with the necessary computing power to cope with many applications at the same time. The popular NVIDIA graphics card also lets you smell the exciting sweet scent of the gaming world. All components are coordinated in such a way that they easily master working on the PC with various programs in all areas. In addition, the Swift is of course also completely sufficient for simple gaming in between - A lot going on for little money!

Fast and beautiful!

To make sure your system isn't slowed down either and boots in seconds, we've installed a speedy SSD. Plenty of fast RAM also supports all components in their tasks. With this hardware, you have a coherent system with short loading times, strong multitasking performance and enough graphics power for the gaming world. The beautiful design tower with RGB lighting and a tempered glass side window also not only enhances your setup impressively, but also offers excellent airflow inside to keep your components adequately cool.

Customize with ease!

If you want to have a specific component in your PC, then you can use our PC configurator with live compatibility check. This offers you available components that fit into your current system. So you don't have to worry about something not working. If you also order Windows from us, we will install the original operating system directly on your fastest hard drive and then put your new companion through its paces. When the PC arrives, all you have to do is unpack it, plug it in and start having fun!

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