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PC Multimediale AMD Ryzen 7 Blast

Configuratore PC

Our Blast: The multimedia machine!

With this enormously powerful multimedia PC from Megaport you are prepared for everything! Here is installed bear-strong hardware, which offers you even in the coming years still the best performance! Whether it's video editing, audio editing, 3D applications, computationally intensive programs of all kinds or demanding video games - with the Blast you can work quickly, efficiently and at the same time enjoy the gaming world to the fullest! The powerful multi-core processor from AMD and the popular graphics card from NVIDIA contribute significantly to this. Also plenty of fast RGB memory and an insanely fast M.2 SSD make their contribution to form the extremely performant system. You'll have a lot of fun with this high-end multimedia PC for a long time!

A magnificent piece of work!

With its adjustable, colorful lighting, the RGB Design Tower not only looks outstanding! It also offers you excellent airflow to keep your components cool at all times! The large Tempered Glass side window also gives you a fantastic view of the inside of your modern all-rounder. With this multimnedia PC of the extra class you upgrade your entire setup in style!

Another component? No problem!

If you'd like to have a different component in your new data center, we're of course happy to offer you the option with our PC configurator! Thanks to the live compatibility check, you also don't have to worry that something won't fit! And if you order Windows for your PC from us, we will also install the original license for you. If you have any questions, our competent in-house customer support will help you with full commitment even after your purchase! Your all-round carefree package from Megaport!

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