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PC da gaming Intel i5 Thunderbird

Windows 11

Configuratore PC

Attractive gaming PC at a good price!

With the Thunderbird you get a real all-rounder in your house! Whether gaming, image-editing or audio-editing: This gaming PC will easily cope with all the tasks you entrust it! The modern design also fits wonderfully into any PC setup and optimally upgrades your control center. Games like Fortnite, League of Legends, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Counterstrike or Need for Speed are mastered by the Thunderbird with flying colors. This PC also manages all common applications with a wink thanks to the outstanding multi-core performance. It also offers you plenty of fast memory and thus delivers decent performance in every discipline to provide you with loyal service for a long time.

Windows is pre-installed

When you order Windows from us, we install, activate and update the original operating system on your new PC. Then we test the entire system for functionality and then pack it securely for shipping. As soon as your new helper arrives, you just have to unpack it, connect it and you're ready to go!

Customize your PC configuration!

Do you have a special request for your gaming PC that we didn't think of when equipping it? No problem! Put together your dream PC individually with our unique PC configurator. Our expert support will be happy to help you with your questions.

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Clock icon Tempo di consegna 4-6 giorni lavorativi
Prezzo speciale 1.199,00 €

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