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PC da gaming Intel Comet

Configuratore PC

The Megaport Comet: A bright spot on the horizon

The Comet reaches the furthest reaches of the gaming universe with groundbreaking speed. With Nvidia's new RTX generation and Intel's latest word in CPU technology, you're finally able to play all gaming blockbusters in top quality with high enjoyment! The beautiful gaming tower, paired with this high-performance equipment can really be seen and works efficiently and powerfully at the same time to always provide you with the best performance in your adventures. Thanks to Hyperthreading, more tasks can be processed in parallel while the CPU automatically adapts its performance to each situation and its needs. The graphics card has all the latest features that modern gaming has in store for you. That means for you: More performance with full gaming enjoyment, energy-saving in desktop operation. The optimal choice for every gamer with high demands.

Freezing into the atmosphere!

The Nzxt Kraken water cooling does a mighty fine job and looks stunning too! It is known for the very good cooling performance and a minimal noise level. You can even monitor the pump speed and coolant temperature live via CAM, the desktop or mobile app. This also applies to the innovative Infinity Mirror design with a view into the infinite depths of the galaxy and customizable RGB lighting.

The Configurator

With our PC Configurator, you can also determine every single component yourself and thus individually determine your direction of flight to really land where you think it should go. And if you have any further questions about your personal gaming PC, our competent customer support will be happy to assist you.

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