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PC da gaming AMD Ryzen 7 Ares

Configuratore PC

The Ares: Our God of War!

Whether it's victory or defeat, it shouldn't be down to the hardware, which is why the Ares comes with a phenomenal powerhouse of AMD CPU and GPU. The performance data it achieves means it can wear its name proudly and meets the requirements of a powerful gaming machine at a good price. The fast RAM and SSD also make it a true all-rounder when it comes to complex applications outside of gaming. Thus, you have a true work- and warmachine at your side!

Very important: stay cool!

Thanks to the large fans, optimal air supply is always ensured. Thus, your new gaming PC does not sweat so quickly and also always makes a good figure visually. The intelligently arranged fans ensure a trouble-free air duct and maximum power with whisper-quiet continuous operation.

Improve the god?

If you want to give your gaming PC from Megaport a completely individual character, you can use our PC configurator completely carefree. You will only be offered components that fit together. If you order Windows as well, we will install and activate it before shipping, so you only have to unpack your God of War - and you can start epic battles right away! Have Fun!

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