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PC da gaming Intel i7 NOVA II

Configuratore PC

The Megaport Gaming PC: Nova II

Experience the masterful technology that truly fulfills every desire of today's gaming expert. Thanks to Hyperthreading, multiple processes can be handled in parallel. Turbo Boost technology further increases the processor's clock speed when needed: the processor automatically adjusts its performance to the required workload. More power for full gaming enjoyment, energy-saving and resource-saving in desktop use - The optimal combination for every usage area! With the flagship from NVIDIA, you are equipped with one of the best graphics cards that can be found on this planet! Gaming in 4K or VR is no problem for this gaming monster, even with ultra settings! On top of that, there's RGB water cooling, insanely fast RGB memory, and a huge M.2 SSD. All this makes the Nova II one of the strongest systems in our range and offers you maximum performance in all application areas! Unbeatable!

Windows comes pre-installed

When you order Windows from us, we will of course install, activate and update the original operating system on your new PC. Then we test the entire system for functionality and pack it securely for shipping. As soon as your new helper arrives, all you have to do is unpack it, plug it in and you're ready to go!

The PC configurator

With the help of the configurator, you can customize every component according to your individual wishes. With live compatibility checks, you don't have to worry about a selectable component not working in this setup! Even if you have further questions or you need help around your Dream-Machine, you can always contact our customer support, who will help you with words and deeds. Even after the purchase!

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