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Gaming PC Intel i9 Xenomorph with DLSS 3

Configuratore PC

The Spectre: Pure performance!

The AMD graphics card with extra-large video memory, combined with the powerful multi-core processor from Intel and the fast RAM, leaves no gaming wishes unfulfilled. An extremely fast M.2 SSD is also installed to significantly shorten your loading times and to provide you with plenty of space for your data, we have installed an additional HDD. So you can experience the most exciting battles and fascinating races in an unprecedented brilliance and completely free of jerks and delays. With the Spectre, you are also optimally equipped for gaming in 1440p and ready for virtual reality (VR). Play any current game at high graphics settings and immerse yourself in the glorious future of gaming.

Easy to modify

The PC configurator with live compatibility check makes it easy to choose exactly the components you want. By the way, here you can also find the detailed technical data of the individual components. And don't worry: You will only be offered hardware that works together! If you still have questions about your customized gaming PC, our expert support will be happy to help you.

Service, Service, Service

When you order Windows from us, we will of course install the popular operating system on your fastest hard drive before shipping. After the activation and update we check your PC for its functionality. So you can be sure that everything works perfectly when your digital companion arrives safely packed at your home. Then it's just a matter of unpacking, connecting and getting started... Have Fun!

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